Carson mobile home park terrorized by coyotes

CARSON, Calif.

"I will use the stick, I will use the horn and if that does not work I have my mace," she said.

Residents leash their animals in one hand and carry bats and sticks in the other. They say hungry coyotes are flooding into their community from a nearby marsh and they are bold and fearless.

Resident Monica Rollins says a coyote snatched her beloved pet from her porch about a week ago.

"I came running out and it was already over and done, and the coyote had took off with our little princess. She was our love, our sunshine everything. Our whole world was just gone I mean gone, gone," she said through tears.

The coyotes have attacked, injured and killed two dozen pets in almost a year, according to residents.

They say for years they have seen coyotes every once in a while, but now they are seeing them every night.

"I was charged by one a couple of days ago I threw rocks at it ran in the house," said Jeff Sailor.

Carson Mayor Jim Dear says the city has hired trappers to trap coyotes not only at the mobile home park, but throughout the city. He says coyotes had a busy spring breeding and their population has exploded in the area. However, he says trappers have been barred from the mobile home park and neighboring one.

"We can't trap them now because the owner of Carson Harbor Village Mobile Home Park and Colony mobile home park, same owner, won't allow them to be trapped," said Dear.

ABC7 attempted to contact the owner of the mobile home parks, but did not get a response.

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