Local couple offers marriage advice on 70th anniversary


"I sang in the choir. I was a senior in high school and had my eye out for the boys," said Virginia.

It was at 16 years old that Virginia Burton first saw her future husband, Boise.

"He was tall and curly hair, and I thought he was pretty cute, so I says 'He's the one for me,'" said Virginia.

And Boise liked what he saw too.

"I went to church to see if there was any girls there," he said. "She was tall, beautiful and I was looking."

But Boise, who was 21, actually asked out Virginia's sister first, who was closer in age.

"So I was second choice. So I always have a thing that if something doesn't suit him, I'll say 'I wish you'd marry my sister,'" said Virginia.

They laugh about it now, but once Boise met Virginia he says there was no question she was the one. At 88 and 93 years old the two are still very much in love and now have 70 years of memories.

"I can say that when she said 'Jump,' I jumped," said Boise. "It was much better than that. She always guided me in the right direction."

So what's their advice to other couples?

"The secret was we learned, after a few times, to hold our tongue and treat each other decent," said Boise.

And it doesn't hurt that after 70 years of marriage the thing that attracted Boise to his wife is still the thing he appreciates most about her.

"She's beautiful. And every day I appreciate that," said Boise.

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