Officials: Double-check your insurance for fire season


Southern California brush fires can be devastating. It was nearly four years ago, November 2008, when the Sayre Fire in the hills above Sylmar destroyed hundreds of homes.

Monday at a nature preserve full of dry brush, overlooking a number of homes in the San Gabriel Valley community of Hacienda Heights, L.A. County insurance commissioners asked the public to check for proper coverage now that fire season is here.

"Don't wait until there's a fire. Don't wait till there's an earthquake. Call you insurance agent and ask, and make sure you have the right coverage so that you can rebuild, replace and recover after an emergency," said chairman of the L.A. County Insurance Commission, Scott Svonkin.

One thing they point out is that you could be overinsured.

"It's very important to make sure that if you've not reviewed your policies, your insurance for a decade, that the cost of replacement has gone up, and so you want to make sure you insure for the replacement value, not the value you paid when you bought it 10 years ago," said Svonkin.

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