'The Watch' actors say film is 'really funny'


The sci-fi movie takes a comedic look at a community in need of some alien crime fighters. In the film, Ben Stiller decides to start a neighborhood watch group following a deadly incident at the Costco he manages. It sounds serious, but "The Watch" is actually a very R-rated comedy involving an alien invasion.

"The script was great. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote it. They're very funny writers. So there was a great script there and then there was a lot of opportunity then to have fun and, you know, screw around a little bit, too," said Stiller.

Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and British actor-director Richard Ayoade make up "The Watch."

"Richard is like one of the funniest guys. I think if people don't know who he is, then they're going to love him after they watch the movie," said Hill.

Vaughn agreed, saying Ayoade is "so funny in the movie."

"It's really a funny movie, and I think it has a nice warmth to it, too. We're really proud of the film," said Vaughn.

"The Watch" opens in theaters on Friday. The film was originally called "Neighborhood Watch," but the title changed when the controversial shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin captured the headlines.

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