Luxury pet hotels that pamper your dogs


The dog hotels were created with special attention to detail. Pets rule and relax in luxurious custom suites and swimming pools. They can also get paw treatments.

Pooch Hotel in Hollywood knows how it is to leave your beloved pup behind, so they've designed a five-star pet hotel, where your four-legged family member can stay and play in style. It is a little over 20,000 square feet.

"We built it very large on purpose, so we can have three different large play areas," said Jason Michal of Pooch Hotel.

Your furry friend can enjoy the lap pool or the treadmill. And when they are tuckered out, they can relax in their own private room. There are 100 private rooms, and some of them are ultra posh with private TVs and more.

In the presidential suite, doggies are treated to their own private bed and sofa.

Of course, we all worry about our dogs when we're away. The Pooch Hotel is open 24 hours a day and it offers live webcams, so you can check in and see what your dog is up to.

What if your beloved pooch needs a spa treatment? Well, the Petrock Hotel and Spa in Encino provides furry guests with a boutique, personal experience.

"We like to pamper them here, just the way you or I would when we go to a hotel for our own getaways," said Sarah Gregg of Petrock Hotel.

Doggies can socialize in the playroom and doggie owners can choose private rooms with musical themes, such as country, pop or rock n' roll.

There's also a doggy day spa where pets can indulge in relaxing therapy and stylish grooming. At Petrock, your doggies get extra TLC, massages, facials and can even get their nails painted.

"We offer highlights, we offer mud masks and full body and full paw massages as well," said Gregg. "It's a lot of fun."

Looks can be deceiving, because most of the services offered are really affordable. Pooch and Petrock plan to open more hotels in other locations soon.

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