Unemployed woman gets $500 from Pay It Forward


Johnson was once a real estate client of Haddad's, and they've remained friends ever since. Times have been tough lately for Johnson. She's unemployed and recuperating from a torn anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. Her car barely runs and the air conditioning doesn't work at all. Johnson also recently marked the anniversary of the death of her daughter, Sara.

"It would be a miracle at this point, you know the way people are going in life and they're struggling, it would just make me so happy to give," said Haddad.

Johnson spotted us walking up to her condo, and Haddad immediately approached her friend.

"Katie, you are so wonderful, and you touched so many people's lives. Recently, you had celebrated the anniversary of Sara's passing, her daughter, and in my heart, I wanted to do something, and they gave me $500 and said, 'Who would I want to do or give to?' And I said, 'My friend Katie!'"

Johnson was stunned at first. But as we walked inside her complex, the reality started to hit her.

"I've just always tried to be giving and caring for other people, I believe that's the way we all should be. I just, I feel overwhelmed," said Johnson.

Inside Johnson's apartment, she brought out pictures of her time growing up in Canada. She hadn't seen her sisters in years and couldn't afford a trip to her sister's upcoming surprise party. But now, it seemed she could.

"I think that's what I'm going to do, just surprise her and show up, because I know they would not expect me to come up at all," she said.

Johnson made the trip in what became one Pay It Forward surprise leading to another.

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