'Dancing With The Stars: All Stars' brings back prior contestants


Some of the show's past winners will be back on the dance floor to see if they can once again walk away with the coveted mirror ball trophy.

The cast, which was announced Friday, includes

  • Bristol Palin: Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter
  • Helio Castroneves: Indy race car driver and previous winner
  • Kelly Monaco: "General Hospital" actress
  • Shawn Johnson: Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast
  • Apolo Anton Ohno: Olympic gold medal-winning speed skater
  • Kirstie Alley: Actress
  • Drew Lachey: Former member of the boy band 98 Degrees
  • Pamela Anderson: Actress and model
  • Gilles Marini: Actor
  • Emmitt Smith: Retired NFL star
  • Joey Fatone: Former N'Sync star and TV host

Drew Lachey said it's good to be back.

"It's a fun show. Everybody talks about how much hard work it is, and the rehearsals and the practices and the injuries and all that stuff. But they don't talk about how much fun it actually is to be a part of the show and the energy you get from the live performance. I mean, that's what I feed off of and that's why I want to come do it again," he said.

He also said he wouldn't mind claiming another trophy.

"My first trophy fell apart, it's crumbling as we speak, so I need another one to take its place," he said.

For Gilles Marini, the competition is all in good fun.

"The competition is going to be there no matter what, it's going to be amazing people that you have to actually compete with. I just want to push the competition a bit aside and perform for the people," he said.

Returning to the show is also something he couldn't pass up.

"It's great to have one shot and then get another one. In life, this is not something you get everyday," Marini said.

In a new twist this season, the 13th spot on the cast will be determined by fan votes. The three celebrities vying for the spot are Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley and Kyle Massey. Fans can vote for their favorite Viewers' Choice: All-Star online Friday through Aug. 24 at 12:00 p.m. PT.

Once voting has closed, the final cast member will be announced live on "Good Morning America," on Aug. 27.

The celebrities' professional dance partners will be revealed on "Good Morning America" Aug. 13. The new season is the franchise's 15th installment and is set to premiere on Monday, Ssept. 24 at 8 p.m. PT.

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