Deputies burst into wrong home looking for suspect - exclusive


A woman, who asked to be identified as Linda, and her roommate Steve say they prepared to die after they awoke to the sound of their security door being blown off its hinges, followed by two loud blasts.

"He runs in my room, its dark, 'Linda oh my God!' And he is screaming at me, 'They're shooting us, they're killing us, they're going to kill us, they're coming in, oh my God!'"

The two retreated to Linda's bathroom terrified at what was coming for them.

That's when they heard Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies with the San Dimas station telling them to come out with their hands up.

"So I went outside with my hands up, all kinds of red dots went on me and my heart dropped," said Steve.

Linda stayed behind, grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911. Meanwhile, Steve says he was outside letting deputies know exactly how he felt.

"I am yelling at them the whole time like, 'Why did you have to rip my door off? Why did you do that? Just say hey, the sheriff's department. The window was wide open. I would have came and opened it up for you.' They said 'Shut up!' and started shocking me," he said.

Investigators tell Eyewitness News deputies had a search warrant to look for a suspect wanted in connection with a shooting that left one man in critical condition.

The suspect used to live at the home but moved out two months ago.

"I had a roommate that was a perfect model roommate, and I don't even know if he is in trouble. They wouldn't really say," said Linda.

While both Linda and Steve say they understand investigators have a job to do - they wish deputies would have gone about it differently.

"They could have also definitely staked out the house, watch it, make sure that guy is here that they are looking for," said Steven.

Steve says he was taken to the hospital to have the barb from the Taser removed from his arm. After, he says he was arrested and cited for resisting a peace officer.

Investigators said their investigation is ongoing and they could not release the suspect's name in fear of tipping him off. They also said the homeowner can file a claim to have reimbursement for damage done to the home.

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