Anaheim protesters call for state attorney general to investigate shooting


Demonstrators appeared at the state building in Downtown Los Angeles on Monday in hopes of catching Harris's attention with over 17,000 signatures collected in favor of the probe.

Sunday was the ninth straight day the city saw protests sparked by the shootings as hundreds of mostly peaceful demonstrators took to the streets. At one point, the large crowd made its way toward the Disneyland entrance, but police were able to turn the crowd away.

Police said there were between 200 and 300 protesters at the height of the gathering. They said they planned to allow protesters to demonstrate so long as they followed rules and stayed out of the street.

A total of nine people were arrested, officials said. There were no reports of major damage.

Later that evening, a memorial service was held at La Palma Avenue and Anna Drive for one of the men killed by Anaheim police, /*Manuel Diaz*/. The 25-year-old was shot dead as he fled on foot and police approached him. Diaz was unarmed.

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