FIDM exhibit honors Emmy nominees for outstanding costumes


More than 75 mannequins are dressed with the glamour, fantasy and realism that helps hook television viewers. The free exhibition honors the art of television costume design.

Included in the annual exhibit are seven of the nominees for best costume design and much more.

FIDM also exhibits costumes from movies, but at a glance, they're not that different from TV costumes. The one big difference between TV and movie costumes is the time.

"For one thing, movies, you can have two, three years, perhaps, of work. That is your only focus," said costume historian Kevin Jones. "In television, no way. It is a quick-paced environment because every single week, there is a new episode."

The costume designer for ABC's "Once Upon a Time" had only weeks to create costumes for the first episode and figures he has enough now to fill a warehouse. Yet Eduardo Castro, who also designed for "Ugly Betty," says fantasy costumes are easier to design than modern ones.

"Even though the pilot was shot in three weeks, we had over 300 costumes in just the extras alone, and it was actually the easiest thing we ever did," Castro said.

This is the sixth exhibit honoring television, and this year, there are far more fantasy and historical pieces.

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