Blue whales spotted off Palos Verdes coast


A mother and her calf were seen swimming in the area around 11 a.m. Dan Salas of Harbor Breeze Cruises said several blue whales have moved into the area recently.

"There's just been a tremendous amount of these animals. We've saw 20 in one day," Salas said.

Salas said the endangered animals may have moved into the area because the waters off the coast of Long Beach and Palos Verdes are so clean, and there's a large amount of krill.

"These animals are just feeding on this krill," Salas said.

Blue whales are the largest animals to ever live on the planet, weighing over 100 tons. Scientists said there are only about 10,000 of these animals in the world and more and more appear to be coming back to the waters off the coast of Los Angeles every year.

"This is just absolutely spectacular to enjoy these animals in their natural environment," Salas said.

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