Katherine Jackson details 10-day absence in court documents


In court, Judge Mitchell Beckloff said he was pleasantly surprised with an investigator's report of Michael Jackson's children, who are in the hands of matriarch Katherine Jackson and her grandson, TJ Jackson.

"I think the kids are in terrific hands, I really do," Beckloff said. "It appears from the report that Katherine Jackson has done a wonderful job and cares about the children very much."

But in court documents filed Thursday, Katherine explained the 10 days she was incommunicado.

The 82 year old, who is the children's legal guardian, says it started with a visit by a stranger to the Calabasas compound and ended with a disturbing 10-day separation from her grandchildren.

While her attorneys still don't want to talk about it, she explains in the documents that she had planned to travel by RV to see her sons in a New Mexico concert. But then came someone who she believed worked with her personal physician. She said that person told her the doctor wanted her to fly instead.

But instead of New Mexico, Katherine arrived in Tucson, Ariz., where she was greeted by children Rebbie, Janet, Randy and Jermaine.

Then there were more of what she thought was doctor's orders. She said her cellphone and iPad were taken away.

As the grandchildren sent out urgent tweets saying she had not called, Katherine said she was never informed that Prince, Paris, Blanket and TJ were trying to reach her. She said she asked about Michael's children and was told they were fine.

In a statement from her attorneys, she said the children who sequestered her did not have bad intentions and they only wanted her to rest. But her absence, unexplained at the time, raised the concerns of the court.

The children's 34-year-old cousin TJ was appointed temporary guardian. The lawyers for the children, Katherine Jackson and the estate agreed informally on Thursday that she and TJ should share guardian responsibilities.

Another hearing was scheduled for Aug. 22, when TJ is expected to be named as permanent co-guardian of the children. Beckloff noted that Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and Blanket, 10, have a close relationship with their 34-year-old cousin TJ Jackson, who is "incredibly respectful" of the family matriarch.

"The executors of the estate of Michael Jackson are glad to see the Jackson family internally worked out whatever differences there were," said Howard Weitzman, attorney for executors.

All this follows a dispute about Michael Jackson's will. The siblings who sequestered Katherine, including Jermaine, had contended it was a fake. The California Supreme Court said it is valid.

Jermaine Jackson now says he is backing down from the fight. He has issued a call for peace.

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