Cool Kid gives tennis fun to special needs students

IRVINE, Calif.

"These are special needs kids, you can really come and make a difference in one of these kid's lives permanently and make an impact on them," said Teng.

He knows these kids want to be included and many times they are not.

"They go to high school and they try to fit in to the society, but it's a different society out there, and they sometimes may not accept these kids," said Teng.

Way beyond backhands and serves, Teng says he hopes to provide a safe, secure environment where kids can relax and be themselves.

"They're comfortable in the situation. They're comfortable with telling the volunteer and bonding with the buddies and having a good time here and they feel safe too," he said.

Teng is just a sophomore at Beckman High School, so no doubt his future could go in lots of different directions. But wherever he's headed, he wants to make a plan to keep the tennis camp going.

"I can get money for myself and use that money to further No-Limitz, which in turn will help these kids have a better two hours on Sunday," he said.

Cool Kid Ryan Teng has no limits when it comes to caring and bringing the fun and sport of tennis to so many.

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