Chick-fil-A same-sex 'kiss-in' demonstrations held


Organizers say "National Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A" is to protest comments made by the chain's president, Dan Cathy, who recently spoke out against same-sex marriage.

Ever since Cathy spoke out there have been demonstrations at the restaurants nationwide by gay-rights advocates. Counter-demonstrations have been held in response by people showing their support for Cathy.

Demonstrators on both sides of the issue have been showing up at restaurants across the nation.

Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of Cathy's supporters, many of them conservative Christians, recognized "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" at more than 1,600 locations. Some of the supporters said they were demonstrating in support of free speech.

Gay-rights activists planned same-sex "kiss-ins" at restaurants across the country for Friday. The protests in the Southland were expected to take place Friday evening.

"It's a way to show Chick-fil-A and the rest of the country that our love is just as good as heterosexual love," said organizer Carly McGhee. Participants are being asked to come to the fast-food restaurants and kiss a fellow demonstrator of the same sex.

Employees at the Chick-fil-A restaurant in Torrance arrived to work Friday morning to find the building vandalized with graffiti that said "Tastes Like Hate." It was written in the same font as the chain's slogan and had a drawing of a cow holding a paint brush and bucket.

The graffiti was painted over Friday morning.

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