Romney gets unlikely backers amid surprising jobs report


"The country needs a boost somewhere," Eastwood said.

Many had interpreted Eastwood's Super Bowl halftime ad as an endorsement for the president, but clearly it wasn't. And he's not the first celebrity to stump for Romney.

Romney also calls Kid Rock a friend. Donald Trump is also on his side. But in who is perhaps the most unlikely backer of all, porn actress and businesswoman Jenna Jameson has also rallied for Romney. She recently told a reporter, "When you're rich, you want a Republican in office."

On the other side, porn king Ron Jeremy is offering his sizable talents to the Obama campaign. It's a safe bet that fact won't decide the election, but the economy certainly could.

Stocks were up more than 200 points Friday on news that America added 172,000 private sector jobs in July.

"Those are our neighbors and family members finding work and the security that comes with work," President Obama said.

Even so, unemployment jumped from 8.2 to 8.3 percent. The unemployment rate has been higher than 8 percent for more than 42 straight months.

No president has won re-election with a rate that high since the Great Depression and it's a streak Romney wants to continue.

"It's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of America," Romney said.

But questions remain about Romney's taxes. He only promises to release two years of his returns.

"The word is out he hasn't paid any taxes in 10 years," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, although he made the charge without any proof.

Sen. Reid contends an investor at Bain Capital told him so, but he won't say who.

"Harry Reid really has to put up or shut up, all right? Harry, who are your sources?" Romney said.

Romney claims he's paid taxes every year and a lot of taxes. But he, too, is not releasing publicly any proof of that.

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