Best 2013 convertibles for fun in the sun


Practically speaking, the Chrysler 200 is one of the most versatile convertibles around for the price. It used to be known as the Sebring, but a revamp gave it a new name and a revamp under the hood brought it a much better V6 engine with more power and better fuel economy.

The Sebring limited is the only convertible from an American brand that has a folding hardtop. And here's something pretty cool: the top can be lowered via the remote fob. Imagine opening the car while you're paying your check at a sidewalk cafe. It also stands out as one of the roomiest convertibles in its price range. It can really hold four adults.

But as American convertibles go, it doesn't get more quintessentially cool than Ford's Mustang, which has been a staple of the open-top world for decades.

New styling touches for 2013 include LED lights in the back and the front. If you're the extroverted sort, it's available with a glowing paint job called "Gotta Have it Green." If you don't like to stand out in traffic, this shade probably isn't for you.

Just as there are different kinds of drivers with different needs, there are different kinds of convertibles. Some just want a regular car that gets them around and lets in the sunshine, but others want a true sports car.

A popular favorite from Germany has been revised and it's better than ever. The Porsche Boxster is only a two-seater, but it's also amazingly practical. It's quiet and cozy enough with the top up and there's even a pretty good amount of luggage space. For the right kind of buyer, this could make a practical everyday car, as well as just the ticket for weekend getaways.

Convertibles aren't for everyone and they do have some drawbacks. But when the weather's perfect and you want to hit the road, there's nothing quite like a drop-top to make any journey more fun.

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