CSU puts brakes on mid-year transfers students


Only 10 of the 23 Cal State universities will accept any mid-year transfers in 2013, and the remaining schools will, for the first time, require incoming juniors to have an associate degree, not just community transfer credits.

"That's a bummer, it really is, many people are just annoyed," said Freddie Mendoza, who just started college. "A lot of people are just giving up on themselves."

It used to be that students who made it through community college were virtually guaranteed entrance at a state university. Dr. Henry Shannon, president of Chaffey College, says not anymore.

"It's very difficult. There are students coming to us saying they can't get admitted, they can't get a seat," Shannon said.

At Cal State San Bernardino, officials say because of budget cuts, many classes that would typically have room for transfer students are already full.

"What it boils down to is the lack of resources; we just don't have the ability to offer as many sections of courses, so students are kind of in a hard place," said Olivia Rosas of Cal State San Bernardino.

Cal State University officials say they could be seeing another $250 million in cuts if the governor's ballot proposition this November doesn't pass.

Cal State officials say enrollment could be cut by an additional 25,000 students if things don't get any better.

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