Shuttle Endeavour Los Angeles route unveiled


Getting the shuttle from point A to point B is no easy feat. The cities of Inglewood and L.A. will have to tear down trees, wires and anything else in its way, and close down streets. For every tree that comes down, two more will be planted.

"It's an international treasure. It's something that's been in space 25 times. It's done incredible missions. We want people to be able to celebrate and see it and enjoy it," said Jeffrey Rudolph, California Science Center president and CEO.

The shuttle will be transported from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to LAX on top of NASA's Boeing 747 shuttle-carrier aircraft. It's set to arrive on September 20. It will eventually be moved to Inglewood City Hall for an official launch ceremony on October 13.

"Obviously, the biggest component is going to be the crowd control, crowd management component. Everybody wants to see the shuttle," said Aram Sahakian, Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

Endeavour will then make its final stop at the California Science Center two days later. It will be the only time a space shuttle will travel through 12 miles of urban public streets. And it will hopefully inspire future generations at its permanent home at Exposition Park.

Endeavour will be open to the public here at the California Science Center starting October 30.

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