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OTRC: William Shatner returns as Priceline Negotiator in 'Point Break'-like ad (Video)

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze appear in a scene from the 1992 movie 'Point Break.' / William Shatner appears in a Priceline ad in August 2012. (JVC Entertainment Networks / 20th Century Fox / Priceline / Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (BSSP))

William Shatner's Priceline character is back on the tube.

The 81-year-old "Star Trek" actor has reprised his famous role as the Negotiator in new ads for the bargain booking service, almost seven months after he appeared to have been killed off. One commercial seems to pay tribute to the cult 1991 film "Point Break."

In the ad, Shatner dons a suit and holds a surfboard on a beach as a man in a long jacket, who is played by Allan Louis, approaches him and says: "You've been busy for a dead man. After you jumped ship in Bangkok, I thought I'd lost you."

"Surfing is my life now," Shatner responds. He eventually walks into the sea.

"We'll see where the waves take me," he says. "Sayonara, brah!"

In "Point Break," Keanu Reeves plays a cop, Johnny Utah, who befriends a group of surfers who are also bank robbers that don masks resembling U.S. presidents. Their leader, Patrick Swayze's character, Bodhi, eventually goes on the run. Utah finds him on a beach in Australia and begins an epic showdown by dropping Bodhi's Ronald Reagan mask on the sand and saying: "Lose something, brah?"

He then wishes him "Vaya con Dios" as Bodhi hits the waves.

Shatner's Priceline character was last seen in an ad in January. The Negotiator appears to sacrifice his life after rescuing tourists on a bus that teeters on a bridge and then falls off the cliff and explodes.

"I negotiated my way out of that bus crash and into priceline.com's new commercial," said Shatner said in a statement provided by Priceline. "There's no limit to the Negotiator's skills."

"Like all classic cliffhangers, the suspense lies in what happens next to The Negotiator," said priceline.com's Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller. "We know our customers and his fans are pleased to see him alive. As far as where the story goes from here, well, we'll just have to see."

Shatner has worked with Priceline for more 14 years and has played the Negotiator six times. Christopher Soder, CEO of Priceline.com North America, had said in January that the actor was still under contract with the company. Shatner at the time remained mum on whether his character would return, joking: "I'm going to make them pay through the nose."

He spent February and part of March starring in a new one-man Broadway show "Shatner's World: We Just Live in It."

Shatner is best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk on the original "Star Trek" series. His character dies in the line of duty in the 1994 movie "Star Trek: Generations."

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