Cool Kid spreads word to help others breathe easier


For most of his young life, Carey Poindexter has had to deal with asthma. And over the years he's found many others out there who are affected with it as well.

"On average, a child misses about 26 days of school because of their asthma," said Carey. "And asthma affects almost 25 million people, all ages and races."

All of that moved Carey to start his Fight For Air Campaign.

"The whole campaign is really to help other people who suffer from lung disease," said Carey. "Because I have it myself and no one should have to fight for air."

With speaking engagements, concerts and other public events, Carey has clearly defined his goals.

"The main three things that I do is bringing awareness, educate people and fundraising," said Carey.

All this would be a huge job for anyone. But this 13-year-old does all this, and continues to deal with his own lifelong "challenges."

"I just really keep it moving," said Carey. "You know, my motto is 'Just because I have asthma, I just don't let it get me down.'"

Cool Kid Carey Poindexter is on a campaign to help others breathe easier and lessen the daily struggles for those living with asthma.

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