'ParaNorman' scare factor depends on child


When an old curse awakens more and more of the scary zombies, because of his special gift, it's up to Norman to save his whole town.

They may be animated, but the creatures are still pretty creepy in this film, and that may serve as a warning for the very young.

"There are very, very brave 5 year olds who wouldn't think anything of this, but there are 10 year olds who need to sleep with the night lights on," said Chris Butler, who directed the film along with Sam Fell.

Anna Kendrick, who voices the role of Norman's big sister, falls into the night light category.

"I was such a scardey cat, I left 'Beauty and the Beast' when I was a kid," she said. "But my brother from like age 5 would have been like, 'This movie is awesome!' So I think you just have to know your kid."

Butler and Fell agree.

"The parents know what their kids can handle," said Butler. "But I think what's important about this is we're not setting it up to just traumatize people. What we're actually doing is we have a story with a really good message, and we are using the scares, I think, responsibly, and generally we try to balance it with humor as well," said Butler.

While Kodi Smit-Mcphee, who gives his voice the Norman character, thinks there is an age limit, he recommends using a classic parenting method to keep kids from missing out on the film's fun.

"I think there is an age limit, probably like 8 or 9, but it does depend on the personality of the kid. If they love horror or are kinda scared of it," he said. "I think if a parent is there with them, there is those moments you can just cover their eyes."

John Goodman, Leslie Mann, Casey Affleck and Elaine Stritch also provided their voices for the film. The PG-rated movie hits theaters this weekend.

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