ABC7 Vons grocery giveaway winner pays it forward


Scotty decided he wanted share his winnings by paying it forward.

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"I want to take the winnings and split them into smaller denominations and look for anyone in need of help, which a lot of us are in need of help," he said.

When Vons in Garden Grove got wind of Scotty's plan, they wanted to help as well. Bob Erickson with Vons presented Scotty with an additional $250, giving him $500 to hand out.

While walking around the grocery store, Scotty spotted the Olson family. After surprising them with $25, the Olson family decided to buy flowers for Olson's wife, as it happened to be her birthday. Olson is the unemployed father of three girls. The money allowed them to buy their mom cards.

"We really didn't have anything to get her and stuff because we're not made of money, of course -- nobody is," said Olson's young daughter, Lauren. "But it's really nice that we're going to be able to now. So, I'm really happy!"

"Really happy" and "really surprised" were the common reactions from the others Scotty approached in the store.

Scotty also went to Mom's Orange County in Santa Ana. They provide pre-natal care for low income families. Scotty decided to surprise the parents of the model baby on the group's brochure.

But he didn't stop there. Employees at the Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove suggested Scotty give to the Contreras family. David Contreras is returning to the Army and will once again be away from his two kids and wife.

"It hits home when a lot of people appreciate what we do," he said.

But his wife had no words.

"I'm speechless, I don't know what to say!" she said.

Jenni Luu and her two kids were also shocked when Scotty approached them.

"We've done a lot for the community and for us to receive back, it's a shock and it's a surprise and it feels good all at the same time," she said.

In the end, Scotty said being given the chance to give was priceless.

"Thank you so much, let's keep it going!" he said.

Scotty is still eligible to win the grand prize of $5,000 in Vons gift cards Friday night. It will be announced on Eyewitness News at 11 p.m. He says if he wins, he wants to pay all that money forward.

Enter for your chance to win Vons gift cards

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