'Suspicious death' in Chatsworth deemed murder; 911 caller detained


"We've talked to numerous individuals, we've gained a lot of physical evidence and we've concluded that this is a homicide investigation," said LAPD Capt. Kris Pitcher.

The woman's body was found inside a home near Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Santa Susana Pass Road at about 6:45 p.m. Thursday. A roommate reportedly found the body and alerted authorities. Police initially deemed her death suspicious.

They said the victim had wounds on her body described as defensive-type wounds, as if she were fighting off an attacker.

"She was found deceased in one of the out buildings, it is a bungalow-type residence," said Pitcher.

Police also revealed more details about the suspect.

"The man who called 911 is now the man who was detained, is now being arrested and will be charged with the murder," said Pitcher.

Search dogs were brought in Friday afternoon to comb the area after mounds of overturned dirt were discovered. Detectives worried there could be other victims, but ultimately found no such evidence.

Police also towed away a vehicle from the area Friday afternoon. They would only say it is connected to the case but won't say if it belongs to the suspect.

The incident has shaken nearby residents.

"It's really bizarre, scary. I'm frightened. I have a daughter. It's just too close to home," said a neighbor who wanted to be identified as "Cat."

The victim's identity has not been made public, but authorities say she's between 22 and 32 years old.

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