'Timothy Green' star talks about film, future


C.J. Adams is basking in the spotlight right now for his new movie role. He plays a boy who magically appears after his parents, who can't conceive a child, bury their dreams in the garden.

He talked about the scene where he was covered in mud, saying the dirt was really cold since it had to be kept moist.

Adams also had a part in the movie, "Dan in Real Life" starring Steve Carell. Director Peter Hedges cast him to play one of the kids in that film.

Adams was just 6 years old when he made his film debut and he hadn't acted since.

"He walked in and he's 10 now, and I thought, 'Oh, it's great to see him but no way is he going to get this part.' I mean, I'm going to have to cast a kid who's done a lot of films," said Hedges. "He kept coming back, callback after callback and about the third or fourth callback, my casting director and I looked at each other and we're like, 'There he is.'"

Adams spent his first movie observing his director. He said he did the same this time around, saying he sees himself as a director in the future.

For now though, he says besides acting in movies, he loves to play soccer. But far from feeling like a movie star, Adams says he feels like a kid who just got lucky.

"Now that I'm in this whole movie business, I feel more good but, like, I'm not going to go around, you know, bragging that I'm in a movie because it's all about luck because there's thousands of people out there trying out and you just have to do it right," Adams said.

In case fans are wondering, C.J. stands for Cameron John Adams. He said he chose to shorten it because it sounded cool.

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