Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas: Brits weigh in


TMZ published the pictures of the young royal cavorting nude with an unidentified woman in a VIP suite at the MGM Grand. According to the website, the Price disrobed as part of a game of strip billiards when someone snapped pictures of his naked escapade.

"Everybody knows better than to party naked in a room full of strangers without confiscating the cellphones. That's just Hollywood 101," said Howard Bragman, an ABC News consultant.

It didn't take long for the photos to go global and Wednesday they were the talk of the town in London. So what do the Brits think? Will Prince Harry's royal romp in Sin City harm his image or that of the royal family?

"If he's having a private party in his private suite, he can do what he wants to do. He's not to know that some of his friends are going to stab him in the back," said Atiya, a resident of London.

"I think it's a little immature and giving the royal family a bad image," said Hanad Darwish, also of London. "When you look at his older brother, William, a lot of boys idolize him, they want to be like him. He's well educated, he's an Army man - and Harry is like his brother, but they're different people."

Sources have told ABC News the prince has been on holiday with friends, letting off some steam before the next phase of his military duties.

Buckingham Palace officials confirmed the photos are indeed of the prince, but they've declined to comment further.

"Prince Harry always has knack for getting himself in and out of trouble, so it will be interesting to see how he can get himself out of this one," said Chloe Melas of

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