LA close to banning sale of 'puppy mill' dogs


A proposal on pet sales would require stores in Los Angeles to obtain their dogs and cats from shelters or animal protection agencies.

City Councilman Paul Koretz chairs L.A.'s animal welfare committee, which voted 3-0 on Wednesday in support of the ban on commercially bred pets.

"Puppy mill-bred animals that are bred in terrible conditions often have severe health problems and just add to the number of animals in our shelters and the number of animals euthanized," Koretz said. "I won't be part of the problem anymore."

But even supporters of the ban admit it will be almost impossible to enforce.

"I question creating new laws when our animal regulations department has been reduced so greatly," said Councilman Richard Alarcon.

Ira Lippman runs Peggy Wood's Pet Emporium in Burbank, where a similar ordinance will go before city council next month.

"We don't support substandard kennels," Lippman said. He says people should have a choice when it comes to buying a pet.

L.A.'s proposed ordinance will go before the full council sometime next month and is expected to pass.

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