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Ashley Greene sees ghosts in 'The Apparition'

August 22, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
In "The Apparition," some student scientists experiment on a theory that ghosts only exist if you believe in them. Naturally, their experiment goes horribly wrong.

"It's an elevated horror film that is about an entity kind of feeding on your fear and studying you and terrorizing you," said the film's star, Ashley Greene.

Greene stars in the film alongside Sebastian Stan, who plays her boyfriend.

"I liked the fact that it kind of psychologically gets to you and kind of gets under your skin and makes you think," she said. "I hate watching horror movies because they scare me so much and it makes my mind tick."

Greene is best known for her work as the vampire Alice in the "Twilight" movies and has lived with the pandemonium that has surrounded the series from the get-go.

"It's nice to be able to do something else and show people something else because that's all I've ever known is Alice," she said, "and this, in particular, I think is a complete polar opposite. So I think it's going to be fun for people to see."

"The Apparition" is rated PG-13.