Shuttle Endeavor arrival prompts tree cutting in Inglewood


Long-time Inglewood resident Sylvia Hill is outraged crews are cutting down the trees in her neighborhood, and she's not alone.

"It's really hard to watch something that's been growing for over 100 years being just decimated down to the root just for one day," she said.

That day is October 13, when the Shuttle Endeavour makes its way from LAX through the streets of Inglewood to its new home at the California Science Center. The exact route will follow Manchester Boulevard to Crenshaw Boulevard, then onto Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. But getting the massive five-sstories tall, 78-feet wide orbiter through city streets means 128 trees will have to come down in Inglewood.

"I just want an assurance from all parties involved that they will replant these trees in a timely manner," said Hill.

The city of Inglewood says it will replace the trees starting at the end of October.

"We are cutting down 128 trees, and we're glad that we will be replacing them at a two to one ratio," said Sabrina Barnes, the city's director of parks, recreations and library services.

The expense will be covered by the California Science Center. City leaders insist the project will benefit Inglewood in the long term and give residents the opportunity to watch history in the making.

"It's absolutely something to celebrate. We're going to be a part of history. This is a national stage, and we as Inglewood residents, staff, volunteers, etc., we get to say we are part of this effort," said Barnes.

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