'The Apparition' review: Film lacks scare, good story line


When college ends, Ashley Greene enters the picture as the girlfriend of Sebastian Stan. He's kept his college secret from her, but when things start happening at home, things turn ugly.

The clips suggest a scary movie, but I think creepy is a better way to describe it. I wasn't scared a single time.

The concept is interesting but it doesn't always succeed in getting its point across. You'll likely be one step ahead of the plot in figuring out what's to come.

I wish there was more suspense, more thrills, and just more overall. When the credits start to roll, we've only seen 70-something minutes of a story. What happened to the rest?

"The Apparition" is rated PG-13, and it's probably best-suited for the teenage crowd. It also stars Tom Fenton, who played Draco Malfoy in all the "Harry Potter" films.

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