Homeless man hands out resume in downtown LA


Christopher Boyd, 44, said he left New York a couple of years ago hoping to be closer to his daughter. He said he has fallen on hard times since arriving, mainly due to the lack of work available.

Despite that, he puts on his tie most mornings and walks about the corners of Figueroa and 9th streets to hand out his resume to strangers, whether they be on the sidewalk or driving by in their cars.

"The money I made from my donations, I was able to buys these pants, this tie, this shirt," he said. "A lot of the time, I refuse donations. I don't want people to think this is some kind of scam."

Boyd said he has been homeless for about a year and is willing to work in mostly any field, whether it be sales or working as a handyman. He said he has a license to drive tractor trailers and buses, which is the kind of work he did in New York.

College degree? "No, I don't have a college degree," he said.

High school diploma? "Yes, I do have a high school diploma," he said.

Criminal record? "I have a criminal background, yes," he said without hesitating. "Grand larceny, non-violent."

Boyd said he has been handing out his resume for the last two weeks and is confident he will land a job sooner than later.

"I've got more results going about this way, than more positive results the other way," he said, adding that he's gotten calls, but no job offers.

"I'm going to stay at it until I know I have a job," Boyd said.

Boyd said he hopes people donate professional clothing so he and others like him are able to go on job interviews.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so at:

Path Homeless Services
5627 Fernwood Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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