Cool Kid's passion for fashion benefits Israel


While she was a high school student, Celine Yousefzadeh heard about a rocket attack on a school in Israel.

"They can't even go through with their daily routine," said Celine. "For me that was a huge red flag saying, 'Let's do something.'"

That "something" was Fashion With Compassion. It started as one fashion show run by students to raise money for the students in Israel. When she awarded that money, Celine knew she had to do more.

"I actually went and hand-delivered the check to the school that we raised money for," said Celine. "So that kind of experience for me made we want to do this every year."

Now three years later, Fashion With Compassion continues. But Celine would like to see it grow even bigger.

"My goal is to really move all over the country and maybe even worldwide to get kind of get students to basically do the Fashion With Compassion event," said Celine.

For her own future, Celine has chosen a college that gives her the opportunity to combine her love of fashion with a career.

"My school has a program in Milan. It's a management and marketing program there that really incorporates fashion and business," said Celine. "Something like that would be very interesting for me."

Celine Yousefzadeh, a Cool Kid with style and heart.

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