LAPD officers removed after alleged use of force incident


A video shows the struggle which apparently ensued after the arrest of 34-year-old motorist Michelle Jordan in Tujunga. Jordan is twice seen dropped face-down on the ground, once while she was handcuffed.

Beck has demoted the officer's commander for failure to remove the two from the field. The younger officer, who was a probationary trainee, may lose his job. The fate of the 22-year veteran in the video is pending.

The LAPD's reputation is now tarnished among some people in the area.

"The first thing that I thought of was it is not fair what they did to her," said resident Elvira Mansouri.

Greg Block, a police trainer, is a specialist in use of force. He says the question is whether officers reacted in a reasonable way.

"I just hope both officers can justify their actions. Otherwise, it's not reasonable, it's a violation her civil rights," said Block.

Yet he says internal affairs will also look for activity not visible in the edited video.

"While she was handcuffed, did she try to whirl on them? Did she try to kick one of them? Was she reaching for one with her arms behind her back?" he said.

A question for residents now is their confidence in the LAPD for how it handled the officers. While some do not find the actions favorable, one woman applauded the chief's quick response.

"That they're going to take action or at least look into the incident when it happens, not wait until they hit two or three or four multiple incidents," said Crissa Ducharme.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call the LAPD Foothill Division at (818) 756-8861.

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