Guinness record set by Covina car salesman

COVINA, Calif.

"The 'C' is for see me," Salter said. It's what countless people looking to buy a Buick have done since 1957.

Salter has been at the dealership nearly 55 years, and that's enough to land the 85 year old in the Guinness Book of World Records. He's now the longest serving car salesman to work at a single dealership at 54 years and four months.

"It doesn't seem that long. It really doesn't. Ten years maybe, but it's gone by fast, I'll tell you that," he said.

What's even more amazing is during those 54 years and four months, Salter has only taken three sick days.

"Well, I haven't been sick. You don't take a sick day unless you're sick," he said.

He'll tell you the lack of sick days has provided a lot more opportunities to sell cars. And boy, has he sold cars. By his count, it's about 6,000.

"There's just no one like him. And I mean that very sincerely," said Pete Reynolds, the past owner of Reynolds Buick. He's also the one who hired Salter to sell cars at the dealership.

"He just really enjoys selling, and he's just so honest. It's a pleasure to have him," he said.

So while Buick may be turning to Peyton Manning and Shaquille O'Neal to sell their cars, Reynold's Buick is sticking with their own familiar face, one that can be found in old black and whites around the showroom.

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