San Bernardino City Council to consider massive cuts


This comes a month after the city filed for bankruptcy protection on Aug. 1. The cuts could have a staggering effect on the city.

Last week, a special meeting was called to discuss a new budget proposal that would reduce salaries, cut more than 100 jobs and eliminate some city services. The discussion went so long that it was continued to Tuesday's regularly-scheduled meeting.

The city needs to cut $45.8 million from its $166 million budget to remain solvent this fiscal year.

The council is expected to hear a recommendation to cut funding to city libraries by $100 million, which could mean the closure of three branch libraries. The Public Works Department is looking at cutting 45 positions, and the mayor is expected to downsize his office's staff and budget.

The police department has identified severe limitations on overtime and cuts to training and equipment. The police chief proposed eliminating 63 of 104 civilian positions.

The plan being discussed doesn't recommend any layoffs within the fire department, but it suggests eliminating seven vacant firefighter positions currently back-filed.

Meantime, there is an effort under way to recall the mayor, city attorney and council members because of the financial situation.

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