Carmageddon II prep partially closes I-405


The northbound lanes will close during the same hours on the weekend of Sept. 15. The Mulholland Bridge over the freeway will be closed next Friday night through next Sunday morning.

Workers say the closures are needed to set up for the work that will take place during Carmageddon II weekend of Sept. 29. That weekend, both sides of the 405 Freeway will close for 53 hours for demolition work on the south side of the Mulholland Bridge.

"We're asking people to avoid the area as we remove the false deck," said Kasey Shuda, Metro's community relations officer.

Metro hosted a community meeting Thursday night to talk about the upcoming closures. Westside residents expressed concerns about heavy traffic on Sepulveda Boulevard and the streets of surrounding communities.

"People who cannot go onto the freeway or access Sepulveda use our streets to get around and about to Sepulveda," said Margery Grossman of Encino.

Most residents are optimistic about the "warm-up" closures, and some are even more optimistic about Carmageddon II.

"I think the majority of the people listened to what everyone had to say, and they stayed home, they kind of hung out locally, they went to their local shops, their local restaurants," said Laura Rivera of Encino.

Officials said they are a few months behind schedule on the 405 Freeway project, but they still believe they will have the bulk of it completed before the end of next year.

For more information on the project and closures, visit the website for the Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project.

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