Dash cam video of Sikh temple gunman released


The first tape shows Lt. Brian Murphy arriving on scene on Aug. 5. After checking on the victims, investigators say Murphy spotted the gunman, Wade Michael Page.

As they exchanged gunfire, the lieutenant was shot in the neck and dove behind a car. Moments later, Officer Sam Lenda pulled up, as Page continued to fire. They exchanged gunfire, with one bullet hitting the head rest of Lenda' s squad car.

Page, white supremacist, killed six worshipers at the temple and wounded four others, before taking his own life.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards played the video from Murphy's squad car before telling reporters that Murphy was shot 15 times, not nine as authorities previously said. His armored vest stopped three of the rounds, Edwards said.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said Murphy was hit in the cheek as he rolled for cover and the bullet entered his throat. He tried to raise his gun again, but Page shot him in the thumb, knocking the weapon away. Then Page closed in on Murphy, firing from about 10 feet away, Chisholm said. Murphy told investigators he remembered wondering when Page would run out of ammunition.

Murphy did not attend the news conference. He was released from a hospital Aug. 22 and is recovering at home. Edwards said previously that Murphy can speak only in a whisper after being hit in the throat.

Page's motive in the shooting spree remains unclear. The FBI is investigating, but U.S. Attorney James Santelle said it could be weeks or months before the agency releases any conclusions.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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