Shuttle Endeavour's Los Angeles flight plan revealed


On the 400 block of West Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood, the route is starting to take shape. Certain streets are blocked as utility crews prepare for the arrival of Endeavour.

"We have 29 locations that are affected by the move of the shuttle," said Ben Monasseri, a construction supervisor for Time Warner Cable.

His crews were busy making accommodations for Endeavour, which will roll through South Los Angeles next month.

TV cable lines are about 30 feet off the ground. Tuesday, they raised them up to 60 feet in order to clear the shuttle's tail, about 58 feet high.

"We had to bring in specialized equipment because we normally don't work above 30 to 32 feet," said Monasseri.

A few blocks north, crews from the Department of Water and Power were also working to raise the power lines that hang too low over the intersections where the shuttle will pass.

"In a lot of cases we're putting in 100-foot poles in order to maintain proper clearance for the shuttle to come through," said Daryl Buckley, L.A. Dept. of Water and Power.

The shuttle is scheduled to leave Cape Canaveral Wednesday. It's due to arrive at LAX on Friday. Then on October 13, Endeavour will make the 12-mile road trip from LAX to its final destination, the California Science Center.

Crews have also started cutting down the 260-plus trees they plan to remove in order to get the Endeavour on through these streets.

The California Science Center has promised to plant and maintain about four trees for every one that is removed. But some residents are still upset to see the trees being chopped down.

Others are excited that the shuttle will be making a historic trip through South Los Angeles before going on permanent display at its new home in Exposition Park.

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