Tony Dow of 'Leave it to Beaver' is now an accomplished sculptor


Dow was too busy to really focus on sculpting works while he was acting and directing. But he knew the time would come.

"I'm retired," he said. "I have a couple pensions that are working great, I don't have a lot of overhead, why not do stuff that I always wanted to do?"

So now he does, creating works in both bronze and wood.

"I think my pieces have a lot of movement, and the movement is one of the things that are appealing," he said. "I don't like to get too detailed because I think it takes away from the spontaneity of the piece."

Dow grew up on television beginning in 1957 on "Leave it to Beaver." He still does an occasional play for fun and he's still up for more acting work, but he loves the quiet of his tranquil Topanga Canyon home and the ability to turn old pieces of wood into new pieces of art. Dow says he gets lost in his workshop.

"Every night," he said. "When you get working on something, it's hard to leave because you're being drawn ahead by some sort of other power."

From his sculptures to his mixed media works using saws, sanders and files, Dow has sculpted himself a whole new career.

"My goal was to live a creative life," he said. "I'm doing pretty good at that."

To view Dow's work, visit DeBilzan Gallery at 224 Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach. For more information, email:

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