Kate Middleton topless photos to be published by Danish weekly


Kim Henningsen, editor in chief of Se & Hoer, said the photos of the Duchess of Cambridge will appear in a 16-page supplement sold with Thursday's edition. Henningsen said the magazine had been offered 240 pictures but decided only to use 60 to 70 of them. He declined to say who sold them to the weekly or how much money they paid.

The photos, which show Kate sunbathing topless during a getaway at a relative's chateau in France, have already been widely published in France, Italy, Ireland and on the Internet.

A French court has banned future publication inside France. Closer, the French gossip magazine that first published the photos last Friday, has been ordered to hand over all the digital images of Kate topless or face a daily fine of $13,000 if it fails to do so. The order prohibits the magazine from republishing the pictures - including on its website and its tablet app - as well as re-selling them.

The royal family is seeking criminal charges against the photographer for spying on Kate when she was vacationing in France.

The suit aims to flush out the mystery photographer's identity and prevent him or her from spreading the photos to new locations. If the case goes forward, the photographer could face a substantial fine and a one-year prison term.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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