Richard Gere's 'Arbitrage' a chilling financial thriller


"This is a very operatic movie," said Gere. "There's a lot going on here. A lot of things happen. There's a lot of emotion in this movie. So it's rich with possibilities of how you can express what's going on."

In "Arbitrage," Richard Gere plays a powerful hedge fund magnate who's trying to stay cool, but he's actually desperate to sell his trading empire. All is not what it seems.

"This is not just a financial story," said Gere. "This is about people. It's about motivation. It's about sense of responsibility -- or not."

Gere's character is in a deadly car crash with his mistress and he needs to cover it up, or life as he knows it -- being among the super rich -- will be over.

Gere says making the movie was a beautiful collective endeavor.

"As a 63-year-old guy, that's one of the things I like about it is that all these people get together and get on the same page somehow on telling a story, and we figure out a way to do it," said Gere. "And the process of making it is just as important as the product at the end."

"Arbitrage" also stars Susan Sarandon as Gere's wife, and Brit Marling as his daughter.

"This is a golden moment. It doesn't happen all the time, where you've worked hard, you go into it with the best of intentions, it comes out well, everyone's happy with it and it looks like audiences are coming to it and are embracing it," said Gere.

I call this film a "financial thriller," or maybe a "financial horror story," because it gets to you in a chilling way. "Arbitrage" is rated "R."

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