Cool Kid brings passion to fighting kids' cancer

POMONA, Calif.

A few years ago, Andrew Ceco's friend Andreas was diagnosed with cancer. That drove Andrew to do something about it and led him to an organization called Shred Kids' Cancer.

"I wanted to do whatever I could," says Andrew. "It's crushing. It's hard to deal with. And I knew that could give him the motivation that he needed to push on and do it."

Andrew's work began as his way to help his friend. Then he saw a chance to get many more people involved too.

"I want to give everyone else hope. I really want to get other people motivated to do the same kind of thing," says Andrew. "Because if everyone is working for one big goal it's got to happen. It's got to happen."

The people that run Shred Kids' Cancer truly appreciate Andrew. They talk about how willing he is to help and the passion he brings to the cause.

"It just warms my heart that a teen can have that much commitment and dedication with his whole life," says Kelly Stedman, director and secretary of Shred Kids' Cancer.

Andrew puts in a lot of time making things better for young people facing tough times. His reward? It's very simple.

"I feel like everything I'm doing is justified. Because that kid right there is smiling, and that's enough," says Andrew.

Fighting cancer is a tough battle. But kids going through it have someone on their side, helping them all the way. And that person is Cool Kid Andrew Ceco.

Shred Kids' Cancer is organizing a Rock the Run 5K run/walk event on Sunday, October 14, to benefit pediatric cancer research.

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