Banning test drive turns into abduction of salesman, child


"She picked an excellent-looking car, and I think that's where the salesman can get excited, going 'Hey, I'm going to sell the best car on the lot," said Auto Source Sales Manager Tom Kuhn.

Kuhn says it all started when one of his associates took the customer, 34-year old Cortney Hulbert, to the bank Apparently she had told him she was going to withdraw $20,000 cash to buy the car. But that's when things started to go wrong.

"When Edgar took her there, he overheard the teller saying 'You only have $200 in your account. I can't get you a cashier's check for $20,000,'" said Kuhn. "So Edgar goes 'Let's go back to the dealership, we're going to have to not do this deal.'"

But instead of going back to the dealership, Hulbert got on the freeway and floored it, heading east.

It wasn't not long after that when someone back at the dealership called the associate's cell phone to see what was going on.

"'Where are you? It doesn't take that long to go to the bank and get the money,' because now it's been some time, and he's saying 'I think I'm being kidnapped,'" said Kuhn.

Banning Police say Hulbert's intent was to abduct her 6-year-old child in Desert Hot Springs, which she allegedly did.

The associate got free before that happened.

"She sped up to 95 miles an hour, and then another car pulled out in front of her -- that was his break. Once she stopped, he got out," said Kuhn.

The car was undamaged and no one was hurt.

"You never know what you're going to get with a customer," said Kuhn.

As for the "customer," Banning Police caught up with Hulbert about three hours later and she was arrested. Her child was unharmed.

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