Amy Adams learns from Clint Eastwood in 'Trouble with the Curve'


Eastwood is a baseball scout who's beginning to feel his age. As his daughter, Adams is trying to deal with a parent who won't admit that he's getting older.

Adams jumped at the chance to work with Eastwood. Although, she does admit to being a little intimidated.

"To be able to just do the scene, feel a really great connection with him and chemistry as sort of this father-daughter, it was nice to go, 'OK, I think I can do this and not let my mind freak me out,'" she said.

Once she overcame her nerves, she was able to learn a thing or two from the veteran actor.

"What I take away from working with people like Clint, and these great actors that I've had the opportunity to work with, you sort of watch how they treat people, the environment that they create on-set and there's a common experience," Adams said. "They are very generous, he has a wonderful group around him at all times on set that really invite everybody in, it's very familial."

Adams can also be seen right now in the independent drama, "The Master." The fact that she is able to mix up the types of roles she plays is part of her own master plan.

"I feel a little crazy to be honest, sometimes," she said. "But what's great is that I'm able to ground it all with a really great family at home, so I feel like as long as I have my connective tissue of my daughter and my man, I feel like I can do anything."

Next summer, we'll see Adams as Lois Lane in the new action film, "Man of Steel." Meanwhile, "Trouble with the Curve" is in theaters Saturday. It's rated PG13.

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