Some of Menifee hoarded dogs up for adoption


Animal Control officials removed them from a Menifee home of a hoarder, where they say the dogs had been living in deplorable conditions. The hoarder fought to keep the dogs, even though she was facing charges of animal neglect.

This past July, the owner of the dogs was convicted of animal neglect. A judge was finally able to determine what would happen to the dogs next.

"On Friday, we got a court order that they be released to us, so we're able to place them up for adoption," said Lori Neddermann, the animal services manager at Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto.

The Ramona Humane Society has been caring for the two dozen dogs since they arrived at the shelter. Now that they are no longer wards of the court, workers and volunteers have already found some of the dogs new homes.

"Before we even opened on Saturday we had several people that had been following the case and they were here ready to adopt the dogs," Neddermann said.

Six have been adopted, but 13 others are still at the shelter - all Chihuahua mixes. While each adoption is bittersweet, it also helps the shelter clear much needed space.

In the 15 months since the dogs have been at the shelter, Neddermann said they've had to make tough decisions about other potentially adoptable dogs.

"That is one of the sad parts for everyday those dogs were here difficult decisions had to be made on which ones had to be euthanized or sent to rescue groups," Neddermann said.

With the legal battle over, the shelter will continue to focus its mission on finding homes for all the unwanted animals that come through its doors.

During the month of October, the shelter will lower its adoption fee to $50 and give away 2,000 free spay and neuter vouchers to residents.

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