Half-point system introduced on 'Dancing With The Stars' throws a twist


See a full dance-by-dance recap of this week's 'Dancing With The Stars: All Stars'

"It's an all star season so it's expected that they're gonna be tough. But it's a good thing. It's fun," said Chelsie.

"Dancing With The Stars" has added a new layer to the way the judges can score the couples: They can now use "half-points" when critiquing the dances.

"I love the half-point system. I think it's good because there's a bigger gap between someone who's getting 7s and 8s," said Mark Ballas. "It's good to have that halfway point. And I think it mixes up the scores."

"I love it. That means that the judges are going to be able to play a bit more with the dances, that's what it's all about," said Gilles.

Joey Fatone, who hosts the Live Well Network's cooking show "My Family Recipe Rocks," thinks the new scoring rules could be a recipe for disaster.

"I like it and I hate it because it could go in our favor," said Fatone. "We could get a 0.5."

See a full dance-by-dance recap of this week's 'Dancing With The Stars: All Stars'

"Or it could be you lose by a 0.5," said partner Kym Johnson. "It's good and it's bad. Hopefully it will be in your favor when you need it."

"It's confusing to me because math wasn't my best thing in school, and I can only count like 5-6-7-8 as a dancer, so this is confusing, these halfs," said Anna Trebunskaya.

We'll see how those judges scores shake out when added to your votes.

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