2 dead, 2 beaten in Los Feliz neighborhood


LAPD officers were called to a residence on the 3600 block of Lowry Road at about 10:40 a.m. by a report of a screaming woman, according to police.

A 70-year-old woman and a man in his 20s were found dead. The woman was found inside the residence; the man was found dead outside on the driveway. The causes of their deaths were not immediately released.

The deceased man is considered a suspect in the homicide investigation.

"He appeared to have died from some type of fall, either from the stairway, or from the balcony, or from one of the roofs," said LAPD Commander Andrew Smith.

Inside the home, officers discovered the body of a 70-year-old woman believed to be the owner of the house. Nearby, a neighbor and a handyman were badly beaten in a confrontation they had with the suspect, according to police.

"The best we're piecing together now is that it appears that some type of altercation occurred inside of the house resulting in the death of the woman, then this individual ran outside, had an altercation with a couple of neighbors, ran back into the house and by the time we got here, he had fallen or had somehow died on the driveway," said Smith.

One neighbor says he heard the screaming this morning and became alarmed.

"'Help, help,' from both sides, man and woman," said neighbor Greg Sarian. He said the woman often rented rooms to boarders. "I was praying to God, 'God,' I said, 'Clean up this mess here, because this is evil place.' Evil place. All kind of people, by the way, coming, different people, coming, going couple of days, disappearing, coming, other people."

"We're not sure what the relationship is," said Smith. "We're told from some of the neighbors that this woman rents rooms to some folks. It's possible he was one of the people renting that room, but that's very preliminary and we can't say that for sure."

Homicide detectives were waiting on a search warrant Wednesday afternoon to gain access to the house.

The investigation was ongoing.

The two deceased were not identified pending notification of family.

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