Cool Kid fired up for firefighting career


Austin Cuevas is the son of a veteran Los Angeles City Firefighter, and those very early influences pointed him toward a career in the department.

"Playing on the rigs and being a little kid running around and that's always just intrigued me and I want to follow in his footsteps and become a firefighter," says Austin.

Childhood fun led him to join the Fire Explorer Program of the Orange County Fire Authority.

"Firefighting is one of the things I really like doing. And it gives me a chance to learn what I will be doing and prepare for my future," says Austin.

Austin is very focused and serious when it comes to his choices for the future.

"In probably about five or 10 years I'd like to be a firefighter working for a fire department with a degree, and then possibly going into arson," says Austin.

Being a firefighter can be exciting and action-packed. But this Cool Kid knows it's equally important to connect with the public he will serve.

"Helping the community. Being there when their day is really bad and you're there to basically make it better," says Austin.

Austin Cuevas started his life of service at a young age and hopes to continue far into adulthood.

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