Cool Kid pushes 'Love Is Louder' campaign against bullying


"It's basically just to remind people that love is louder than the negative words you hear," said A'lexus.

The Love Is Louder campaign addresses a problem that affects people of all ages.

"It's for anti-bullying and depression, to help bring awareness and also prevention. It's amazing helping these kids -- not only kids, also adults -- to understand the seriousness of bullying," said A'lexus.

Bullying and depression are both issues that carry a stigma - and can be difficult for people - and especially kids - to talk about. A'lexus sees how widespread the problems have become and wants to share a solution. And that solution is a simple one.

"We should not be mean to one another. We should be loving and kind and try to become friends with other people and build each other up and not tear each other down."

Whether speaking to someone who's been bullied or just talking to others about the problem, A'lexus feels a deep need to reach out to everyone.

"I find that very important. Gosh, it's about to make me cry. I really do, I feel complete as a person when I help people and I feel incomplete when I don't."

Love Is Louder is a campaign with an important message. A'lexus Owens is making sure that message is heard.

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