Corona del Mar's Scott Meyer is the ABC7 NFL High School Coach of the Week


But more importantly for Meyer than wins and titles is that his players leave the program with a great understanding of teamwork, responsibility, trust and respect.

It's year two for Meyer. And he set the bar awfully high, guiding the Sea Kings to a CIF championship in year one.

"Yeah it was a great run," said Meyer. "We had a great group of seniors that bought into everything, all of our coaches were trying to get across from the beginning. They led the rest of the team. It was a magical season for all of us."

Meyer has created a fun football atmosphere at Corona del Mar, using words of praise and encouragement with his players.

"Coach Meyer came in, a really positive attitude. He really wanted to get us onto that field and get us learning. We were inspired," said Tim Reinhardt, Corona del Mar defensive end.

"One of the main things the team appreciated about coach was his selflessness. He was always team first kind of guy. Whatever he did he always had the team in mind," said cornerback Ryan Griffin.

And Meyer has very lofty goals for his team, both on the field and in the classroom.

"We were number 2 in CIF last year academically," said Meyer. "I met with the seniors in the off-season. Last year we had about a 3.3 as a team, so we're trying to hit 3.5 overall. Obviously we'd like to win our league championship. Go back to back with the CIF and have some fun as well."

"Fun" being a key word. Meyer wants his players to leave Corona del Mar having had the most fun while gaining valuable tools to use in life.

"The thought that it was a great experience, that they want to come back, stay in touch with us, that they learned a lot about responsibility, teamwork, integrity, respect, trust, all those things that football really can bring out in you," said Meyer.

Corona del Mar's Scott Meyer is the ABC7 Nfl High School Coach of The Week.

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