Councilman Rosendahl on his way to recovery - doctor


Rosendahl is not leaving quietly though, taking jabs at current and former presidents at Tuesday's council meeting.

The 67-year-old openly gay city councilman called former President Bill Clinton an "idiot" for his "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy on gays in the military. He also criticized President Barack Obama for U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"These wars we're doing is an extension of the Cold War, to the war on terror, and it's insane," he said. "Mr. President, I will vote for you again, but do me a big favor. Get out of these crazy wars."

Rosendahl has been representing the Westside for nearly eight years. He voted to repeal the ban on pot dispensaries in the city of L.A. He has publicly stated that he has used medical marijuana from time to time to help him deal with his cancer.

The councilman announced at the meeting that his doctor told him he was on his way to recovery.

He said he hopes the city can do before he leaves office next June: Come up with some kind of ordinance that would allow people who need medical marijuana to be able to access it.

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